Hello and Welcome to VirtacoinPlus UK,this a combination of a comprehensive VirtacoinPlus (XVP) information,business directory and social  network website.

What is VirtaCoinPlus?

VirtaCoinPlus is the newer version of the well known VirtaCoin which was launched back in July 1, 2014.Unlike the older VirtaCoin, VirtaCoinPlus was created to bring about the actualization of the vision of the community which is to create a coin that truly reaches and help improve the lives of people across the world – hence it is known as the People’s Coin!

VirtaCoinPlus comes with great improvements and significant changes geared toward repositioning it into becoming a coin to reckon with in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.Unlike the former, VirtaCoinPlus boasts a great community support that will ensure it becomes a successful coin. It also came packed with interesting improvements like faster transactions, a Proof of Work and Proof of Stake algorithm, a better blockchain and block explorer, a strong community, and a host of other great services that sets it on the path of greatness.

VirtacoinPlus UK is primarily designed to be used for the development and promotion of VirtacoinPlus (XVP) cryptocoin virtual currency.

VirtacoinPlus UK is hosted in and dedicated to the UK, but is open to anyone around the globe.

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